Parent Letters

Before you can participate our wiki, or use the computers, you must have your parents sign the permission slips below.

Cool Videos

Mr. Controy attended a conference for teachers who are passionate about technology. He had to create a video that shows where the classroom has come and where it is going. He was only given 4 hours to complete the project and here is what he came up with. It is important to note that sometimes it is ok to be silly when learning and to never be afraid to TAKE RISKS!

How does this commercial relate to education? Be prepared to have this conversation the first week of school.

Where do we go from here? What does this mean for education?

Tools in the Classroom

SMART Airliner
The Airliner wireless slate allows us to learn from anywhere in the classroom. We can interact with our SMART Board using the Airliner

An interactive whiteboard has a touch screen that connects to our computer in the classroom. We can control applications directly from the SMART Board.

Senteo Interactive Response System
Each student will have a Senteo Clicker in the classroom. With the Senteo each child can interact with information on our SMART Board. I will be able to instantly and accuratly gauge student understanding anytime during or after lessons.

Miss Reiner Being Funny